Xeina Al-Musallam

"In here, you'll see a visual diary.

You'll recognize some of the places..

You'll wake a sleeping memory.. a sensation..

You'll see yourself in those stories. You're the phoenix , the Matryoshka, the Cloud Walker..

In here, the naked eye rests while the third eye gaze."

Xeina Almusallam

Freelancing art director and photographer based in Kuwait;

Graduated BA in English Literature & a minor in Political Science from Kuwait University (2010)

My work’s main source of inspiration and place of birth is heavily reliant on the raw human experience, merged with artistic fantasy. In every work; my main focus is to make the viewer live through the realm of the medium at hand. Uncover the hidden messages, challenge the eyes to seek the hidden truth, and discover the emotions one single click can capture.

For business inquiries, email: almusallamxeina@gmail.com

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